Omicron Variant Alert, Stomach Problems Are Happening In Omicron Infected And Covid-19 And Health Tips

Covid-19: The Omicron variant of Corona has become a cause of big troubles for the world at this time. The rate of infectivity of this variant is said to be very high. At the same time, to avoid this danger of corona, all people should continue to take preventive measures. About some special symptoms in patients in case of infection with this variant of corona. Also found out. At the same time, in the Delta variant, people were getting more problems of taste and smell. However, such symptoms are rarely seen in Omicron infection. But some people infected with Omicron are also experiencing stomach related problems. Such cases were not seen during the Delta transition. In such a situation, here we will tell you about the new symptoms of Omicron. Let’s know.

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Many types of symptoms can occur in infected with Omicron Variant-

Even though the cases of disease due to Omicron infection are being seen mild, yet one should not be careless about it. In many people this variant can also cause serious conditions. On the other hand, symptoms of diarrhea have been seen in the patients of Omicron key.

Diarrhea and stomach problems to the infected- Diarrhea is also a problem in Omicron infected people. Diarrhea symptoms have been seen in about 20 percent of the people. This type of problem is being seen more in people whose immunity is weak. Therefore, we should not consider only fatigue, breathing problem, muscle and body pain, sore throat as a corona symptom.

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Omicron infected are facing many problemsSome of the symptoms of Omicron variant include sore throat accompanied by sore throat and excessive sweating at night. At the same time, the Omicron variant of Corona can infect anyone. In such a situation, to prevent this, people need to be more careful than before.

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