Best Urethral Stricture Treatment In Pune

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Top 10 Best Dosas In Pune

How to treat urethral stricture at home?

Urethral stricture home treatment is provided by Portea. The non-surgical procedures often include urethral stricture dilation. In this process, the doctors use a dilator. These dilators help in increasing the size of the urethra. In the process of urethral stricture dilation, the patient doesn’t have to stay at the hospital for long.

Why choose Portea doctors for urethral stricture treatment?

Portea doctors and urologists offer care for the people of different ages that suffer from urethral stricture. They also provide urethral stricture home treatment options for the patients. The urologists offer a comprehensive form of cure for urethral stricture.

What is the success rate of urethral stricture surgery?

Prognosis after Urethral Stricture Treatment. The success rate of both urethrotomy and urethral dilation ranges from 10 to 90 percent, depending upon the length of the stricture. Repeated treatments may also have lower success rates, possibly due to additional scarring inside the urethra from the procedure.

Can Urethral dilation be done under general anesthesia?

Urethral dilation Periodic stretching of the urethra (urethral dilation) may be an option for some people. During this procedure, which is done under general anesthesia, a metal tube is inserted into the urethra in order to stretch the area of the stricture.

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