Best Nightclub In Bangalore

There is plenty of Best Nightclub In Bangalore
, but it is very difficult to find the best possible service. Below we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Nightclub In Bangalore

Top 10 Best Nightclub In Bangalore

Which is the best club in Bangalore for a Ladies Night?

A. Almost all clubs in Bangalore have a specific day/period reserved for Ladies’ Nights. From our list, we have clubs such as Loveshack and Xtreme Sports Bar that organize amazing ladies’ night for all the females to have an excellent time.

What are the best places to stay in Bangalore at night?

A pretty long drive (about 50 km) into the outskirts of the city on Mysore Road will lead you to one of the most popular night destinations known as Rasta Cafe. The place is famous for being open for nearly 20 hours of the day. It presents guests with a comfortably cozy ambiance.

Why Skyye Lounge is the best night club in Bangalore?

The next time you visit Bangalore’s swankiest mall, UB City a trip to Skyye lounge must be on your to-do list. One of the most famous night clubs in Bangalore, Skyye is well known for its beautiful underlit dance floor, circular bar counter and most all panoramic view of the city.

What is the minimum age to join a club in Bangalore?

A. As long as you are 21 and above, all clubs in Bangalore will lay their gate open for you. However, if you have adult supervision, say when you are traveling with family, then there won’t be a problem with your age. Clubs, however, prefer not to allow children.

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