10 Best Mysore Pak In Chennai

There is plenty of Best Mysore Pak In Chennai , but it is very difficult to find the best possible service. Below we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Mysore Pak In Chennai .

What is Mysore pak?

Mysore pak - Premium Speciality Sweets The pride of Karnataka, these melt in your mouth, soft Mysore Pak celebrate joys in every lavish bite as generous flavours of desi ghee, sugar, gram flour, and hints of cardamom tease your palate.

What is the recipe for Mysore pak?

Mysore Pak is a melt in the mouth traditional sweet commonly made at homes during Diwali& special occasions. Mysore Pak is a divinely tasty blend of besan flour, sugar & ghee. Add a tsp of ghee in a nonstick pan, add besan flour and roast it till a nice aroma comes say for 3-4mins. Then sieve it once such that there are no lumps found.

Is Mysore pak melt-in-mouth?

This traditional mysore pak recipe which is porous with a lot of holes, is still melt-in-mouth but it doesn’t look soft/crumbly. When you follow all the tips and important notes, it becomes easier. As I mentioned earlier, mysore pak has only three main ingredients and here are the ratios that I follow.

Why Mittai Kadai Mysore pak?

Mysore Pak from M.S.Shanmuganadar Mittai Kadai has a special place in Mittai Kadai and is also known for its South Indian Sweet identity. We indulge in making the perfect Mysore Pak in terms of sweetness, quality and taste with our guarded recipes and techniques.

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