Best Mental Health Center In Pune

Pune is one of the most popular metropolises in India as it offers the best selection of firms from various industries.

There is plenty of Best Mental Health Center In Pune
, but it is very difficult to find the best possible service. Below we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Mental Health Center In Pune

Top 10 Best Dosas In Pune

Who is the best psychologist in Pune?

Nupur Dhakephalkar – famous psychologist in Pune, India, Trained at the apex center for mental health and neuroscience education – NIMHANS (The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences), Nupur Dhakephalkar has completed a double bachelors, masters, and M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology and a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

How do we promote mental health in Pune?

We also conduct various workshops and hold talks to widen the reach of mental health to encourage a conversation in this direction, which every good psychologist in Pune, India does.

Why dementia Rehabilitation Centre in Pune?

They are a one of its kind dementia rehabilitation centres in India and the first in Maharashtra at Pune. Our separate dementia rehabilitation and care centres in Pune and Mumbai provide high quality residential facilities without relatives and are focused on providing comprehensive, multimodal care solutions.

Why Neuro-Psycho-Socio Rehabilitation Centre in Pune & Mumbai?

The aim of our rehabilitation centres in Pune & Mumbai is to provide compassionate, world class Neuro-Psycho-Socio Rehabilitation Care, Treatments and Facilities. Recovery Monitoring, assistance in daily activities and regular updates to family relatives about the progress.

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