Best Gajar Ka Halwa In Pune

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Top 10 Best Dosas In Pune

What is gajar ka halwa?

Known to have originated in Punjab, it is a delight during the winter months. Prepare this for special occasions as well as the perfect dessert post regular dinner with the family. Ingredients of Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe: Grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts are stirred and cooked together.

What are the different types of halwa?

Other lesser-known variations include Carrot and beetroot halwa, cheese gajar ka halwa, khajur gajar ka halwa and carrot dessert. These variations vary in popularity by regional/personal preferences, with the traditional gajar ka halwa being most popular.

How to make halwa with ghee?

Heat ghee in a heavy pan and add the carrot mixture. 4. Cook over a gentle flame for 10-15 minutes. 5. Stir in sugar and continue cooking until the halwa turns deep reddish color. 6. Stir in dried fruit and serve.

How to make carrot-papaya halwa?

In the carrot-papaya halwa, equal amounts of carrot and papaya are used. First, a mixture of carrot and papaya scrapings is prepared. This mixture is fried in a kadai or a cooker with ghee for about 5 minutes. The rest of the process is same as the basic recipe.

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